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What does each Spanish lesson contain?

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  • Online video Spanish lessons on a virtual digital whiteboard with teacher
  • Spanish vocabulary & practical exercises for Spanish

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Online Video Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish quickly, easy and modern way with the virtual digital whiteboard. Each lesson contains everything you need - video lesson, vocabulary and practical exercises. So in a few Online video Spanish lessons you will be albe to speak Spanish and have a conversation in Spain or for example Mexico.

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¡Hola! Soy Vasco.... Do you want to know more about your teacher, learn some references, or just contact him for whatever you want to know:). Here you will find all the necessary information. I am not a native English speaker, but I will do my best to teach you Spanish.

How does online video Spanish lessons work?

Online video Spanish Lessons are an easy and effective way to learn Spanish anytime, anywhere. My modern teaching method using a virtual digital whiteboard will explain to you everything you need to know from Spanish for your trip to Spanish speaking country, whether to Spain or to the whole Latin America. It’s the best way to quickly and easily learn to speak Spanish fluently. You will master the Spanish language after only a few video online Spanish lessons. The lessons include all the necessary Spanish grammar. Each lesson contains vocabulary, practical exercises and online video lessons, where you will learn to speak Spanish in an interesting and funny way. In the first lesson you will get familiar with the language as such, we will find out where it is used and what types of Spanish we actually have. In the second lesson, let’s take a look at the greetings, the typical Spanish greetings you know. In the third and fourth lessons we will look at nouns, a little boring but needed. You will start talking from the fifth lesson, because we will learn verbs. First regular Spanish verbs and then we will learn also irregular Spanish verbs. We will add interrogative pronouns and adverbs and we will close the whole first chapter by summary conversation in Lesson 11. Other lessons are then focused on other tenses, like future tense in Spanish, past tense in Spanish, subjunctive in Spanish, foul words in Spanish and similar other things, for those who really want to speak Spanish fluently. So jump on your first Spanish lessons and believe that you can order food in a Spanish restaurant today. Just click either on the info or straight to buy lessons. I know you want to speak Spanish.

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