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6.lesson - online spanish lesson - irregular verbs
SER vs ESTAR vs IR. Our first irregular verbs on the scene. We will apply them in teh sentences. (35 minutes; level A0-A1)
5.lesson of online video spanish lesson
Verbs - finally for God's sake! We will create our first sentences! Finally! Let´s go for it! (35 minutes; level A0-A1)
4.lesson - spanish adjectives
Finally, we will learn what burrito loco means, how to use muy and qué together with adjectives. Let's go through adjectives. (28 minutes; level A0-A1)
3.lesson online spanish lessons
Spanish Nouns like chico, burrito, hombre, amigo... and also Spanish articles and their usage. Boring a little bit, but important. (28 minutes; level A0-A1)
2.lesson online spanish lessons
Let's jump to greetings like ¡Hola! in Spanish. We will add classic opening sentences like ¿Qué tal? and also how to say farewell. (30 minutes; level A1)
1.lesson online spanish lessons
Let's start with Spain, Mexico, Argentina... Let's start with where we can speak Spanish. And also let's start with pronunciation. (40 minutes; level A1)

Virtual whiteboard

Where we will explain everything in an interesting way. You will learn to speak Spanish very quickly. Videos last from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the lesson.


Along with the necessary grammar to keep the materials handy.

Practical excercises

Repetition and practice is always the way to success in Spanish.

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