5. Online Video Spanish Lesson

Verbs – finally for God’s sake! We will create our first sentences! Finally! Let´s go for it! (35 minutes; level A0-A1)


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In the fifth lesson (35 minutes; level A0-A1) you will learn in the tutorial video:

  • Verbs – finally for God’s sake!
  • We will learn how to conjugate and create sentences!
  • We will also go through personal pronouns. (I, you, he and she, etc.)

Let’s go to the verbs. We start with regular verbs and personal pronouns. Let’s make our first longer sentences. We will learn the conjugation of regular Spanish verbs in the present tense. We will learn verbs like hablar, comer, beber, estudiar, vivir and similar. Within the lesson, you will also receive practical exercises, vocabulary, which was part of the lesson and will be useful in the next lesson. In addition, you will slowly receive extra vocabulary, they will be immediately below the vocabulary, so that we can expand what we can do and speak properly.

The instructional video of the first lesson lasts about 35 minutes. Exercises and vocabulary then last approximately 20 minutes. Vocabulary will then be ideally suited for the next lesson and will become very important. However, I recommend that you go through the previous lessons properly and study the nouns and adjectives properly -> they are often friends with adjectives.

The tutorial video will be released through the vimeo.com platform. The video is in HD resolution. You will receive a PDF file in the email, which contains the described method of teaching, the password to the Online Video Spanish Lessons + vocabulary + practical exercises and a workbook with teaching material. (More info if applicable). Everything is included in the lesson, you don’t need anything else to learn to speak Spanish. You can easily buy Spanish lessons with secure card payment via Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay Pal or bank transfer. We use SSL certification and 3D Secure. There are no hidden fees.

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