Each Online Video Spanish Lesson contains

Virtual Whiteboard

Where we will explain everything in an attractive way. The video lasts from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the lesson. Just a few video lessons and you will speak Spanish


Along with the necessary grammar covered, so that you always have the materials at your hand.

Practical excercises

Repetition and practice is always the way to success.

Here is more information about Online Video Spanish Lessons.

Each Online Video Spanish Lesson includes an online video directly from the lecturer (20-45 minutes), where he explains the material with or without the use of a virtual whiteboard. So you’re like at virtual school. You will also receive vocabulary and practical exercises for each lesson, we can call it homework 🙂 In addition, it includes 10 minutes of telephone conversation with the lecturer (or even more, if necessary), you can call at any time and clarify whether you understood everything or just showed him how well you are doing. 🙂 A lot of Spanish for 3 dollars / euro.

Easily! Choose a lesson that suits you. If you are a beginner, come straight from lesson one. You put the lesson in the basket, fill in everything necessary, especially the phone and email and pay for it. After payment, you will receive a link to download the video and other information by email. You can watch the video at any time. But be sure to start with the video. The videos are on the vimeo.com platform in HD quality. Then take a look at vocabulary and exercises. It is good to open a practical workbook or print it directly with the video. If something is unclear, then that’s exactly what is included in the price and that is the service to call a lecturer. He will explain everything to you and he can also test you. When you feel you are good to go on the next lesson, let´s do it. Or you can buy the whole package right away.

Notebook paper, computer or mobile phone or tablet for online video with tutorial + sound and then at least 30 minutes of your time and a glass of red (it gets better in the head). Watch the video easily, it all runs on the vimeo.com portal. You can print the workbook and vocabulary, and make notes in it right away, but it’s up to you 🙂

It’s entirely up to you. If you already know something, take the advanced lesson. When you click on a certain lesson, you can also look for exactly what you need in the search engine. In the description of each lesson, you can see what you will learn in it. However, if you have not yet ordered a beer or sangria in Barcelona by yourself, feel free to start from the beginning. Repetition is the mother of wisdom.

Ideally a teacher, just click on the teacher in the menu. And below is the contact 🙂

Each lesson costs 3 dollars / euro. It is optimal to pay by card, everything is secured via a modern STRIPE platform. You can, of course, pay by bank transfer or via PayPal. After payment, you will receive everything you need in the email, including an invoice. Of course, you can also order a package, which is getting ready. New lessons are in preparation, so don’t worry, there will be enough material. The lessons run on the vimeo.cz portal and are about 3GB in size (but compressed by vimeo), and about 30 minutes long. You will also receive downloadable word and pdf documents with vocabulary and exercises. If anything doesn’t work, let me know. You can watch the videos as many times as you want, you will get a code for them and it will be just for you. Feel free to slow down the videos or watch them several times, so that you can absorb it all. If there is a problem, do not hesitate to contact me again. You can find contact in the lecturer section.

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