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I have taught 500 students Spanish

Most of them have probably not forgotten much and still speak Spanish. Many of them have been with me for more than 5 years and we have become friends.

I have been teaching for 14 years

It all started long time ago. I met a lot of people of different ages. The youngest student was 8 years old and the oldest student was 75 years old. The largest group was 25 students. The longest lesson was 220 minutes.

I have been speaking Spanish for 15 years

This language has not let me go since high school. I've conquered hundreds of movies, songs, wines, friendships, books and tapas.

9 Certificates and diplomas

You will find from A1 to C2 certificates in my drawer. I graduated from Master Program of Romance Philology and during my studies at grammar school I completed several courses under the auspices of the Instituto Cervantes.

More than 100 costumers have given me feedback that it is great. That it helped them a lot and that they really started speaking Spanish.

Thank you very much for your feedback


Schools: Hermés Language School; Presto Language School; Gulliver International Language School; Lingva Language School; European Training Center; Jipka Language School; Zebra Language School; Studánka Elementary School in Pardubice

Companies: O2 Czech Republic; Financial Arbiter’s Office; CzechInvest; Profinit EU; Webhelp Enterprise Sales Solution; Office of the President of the Republic – Prague Castle; Paramo, a.s. Unipetrol, a.s .; Bistro Social; ArthurInvest; Kiekert-CS, s.r.o .; Studánka Elementary School in Pardubice; Kaprona, a.s; Tescoma, a.s.

My story

Hi, you can call me Vasco, even if it would be Venceslao in Spanish, but it’s not very hip. Otherwise, I’m just Vasek. Already at grammar school I went to study in Benalmadena, right next to the beautiful Málaga. I spent a few months of my life there. Then I decided to go to study in South Bohemia, after all, the south still attracts me. I graduated from Master Degree of Romance Philology and thus I learned everything needed from legal through business Spanish to the history of the countries where this language is used. I also studied at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid and during my studies I also completed a course of European law at the University of Vigo. I travel to Spanish-speaking countries whenever I can. From magical Cuba to fascinating Córdoba. I love Jamón, Cuba Libre and real Sangria. My favorite is probably Tenerife, in such a small place so much diversity.

teacher of spanish language


Mgr. Ing. Václav Bolech

Email: ireally@wanttospeakspanish.com

Address: Vršovická 1, Praha 10, Czech republic

IČ: 07075481

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